Like anyone else, I play many different roles, and I can brag about:

As a software developer, I've worked in Commercial Lending, Heath Care, IoT, and Third Party Logistics, all on an enterprise scale. I love delivering software that has a high ROI. On the current team I lead, keeping the code quality high among myself and fellow developers.

As a recording engineer, I've worked with a variety of artists (credits listed here), from rap to folk to metal. I produced and coached both aspiring songwriters and platinum artists to capture the best possible performances.

As a composer, I've had my works performed all around the US, including at the Society of Composer's national conference. I've formed bands, wrote music for them, recorded them, toured with them. I like to cater to a performer's strengths and push those in my compositions.

As a familyman, I am happily married with three lovely kiddos.

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