Joseph Post

I work with people in order to create great things.

Whether it's guiding a team of developers to build enterprise-grade software, composing music collaboratively with a group of musicians, or coaching performers in a recording studio, I'm at my best when I'm with people willing to take direction and have two-way communication.

As a software developer I've worked in Commercial Lending, Heath Care, Home Automation, Commercial Building Automation, and Third Party Logistics, on a wide variety of technologies and architectures.

As a recording engineer I've worked with a variety of artists, in both genre and success (credits listed here). I composed hundreds of songs on-the-fly, and produced and coached artists to get the best possible performances on tape.

As a composer, I've have my works performed all around the US, including at the Society of Composer's national conference. I've formed bands, wrote music for them, recorded them, toured with them. I like to cater to a performer's strengths and push those in my compositions.

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