2022, May 16th

A few months back I participated in the 2022 RPM Challenge. I wrote 10 songs, start-to-finish, within the month of February. The best part of it was getting out of a rut of starting a composition and never finishing it.

I make no claims about the greatness of the work, but I do think some interesting ideas were expressed, especially the acoustic bits and field recordings. A few tracks are cleary me just trying to get to the 10 song mark before the end of the month. You can listen to the recordings here.

2021, May 16th
Things I've been working on since my last update: brewing coffee, experimenting with sampling and sequencing hardware and software.
2020, July 29th
I wanted to parse `.org` files for this site, so I made a jsTransformer module: link
2020, July 20th
Decided it was time to redo this site. I wanted to see how little styling I could use without my wife thinking the page looks "broken".